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Kids Off the Couch is a free, weekly e-mail that provides families with fresh ideas for getting kids off the couch and into their city. Our secret formula? A bowl of popcorn and a memorable movie. Like a spoonful of sugar, the magic of a good film will lure kids to cultural outings that are more than typical kid fare. We call these film and excursion pairings Popcorn Adventures. Together with our kids, we have pondered the universe at planetariums, explored ethnic neighborhoods and learned how our local newspaper lands on our doorsteps each morning.

As mothers of elementary and middle school-aged children, we yearned to take back the weekend from an endless crush of birthday parties and sports games. Faced with the dreaded creep of screen-time in our kids' lives, we made the radical choice to get on the couch with them. We have unearthed memorable films, from classic to campy, and exposed our kids to cinema the way their teachers expose them to literature. Our children are no more culturally tolerant than the average soccer-playing, i-pod toting kid; we've just happened upon a great formula and Kids Off the Couch was born.

Take it from us - you have to get on the couch to get off the couch!

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Co-founders and Los Angeles Editors:

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  • Diane Phillips Shakin
Behind the Scenes

New York Editor:

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USA and Washington,
DC Editor:

  • Kara Wade

City Editors:

  • Boston : Judy Bramhall
  • Chicago: Lisa Hazen
  • Houston : Sara Robins
  • San Francisco : Barbara Bowman


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  • Rizwana Ahmed

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  • Lucy Rafael

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