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Thanks for visiting Kids Off the Our NY Edition is still under construction, but you can sign-up for our USA Edition and see what our NY City Editor has to say about each national Popcorn Adventure.
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Welcome to the help page. We've tried to answer all your technical questions below, but if you want help choosing films or planning adventures, please visit our Tips page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kids Off the Couch?

We are a free weekly newsletter for parents offering fresh ideas to get kids excited about film, culture, and family time.

How do I sign up?

Signing up is simple. Just click on the Sign-Up buttons on any of our pages. We'll start sending your newsletter as soon as we get your e-mail address.

If I hit "Send to a Friend" will that friend receive the KOTC newsletter regularly?

No. The Send to a Friend function is designed to let someone know about a particular Popcorn Adventure, and will only be forwarded once. If your friend wants to continue receiving the newsletters, she can go to our site and sign up herself. We promise not to sign her up without her permission.

How do you choose your films?

We love so many films that we could suggest a new one daily. We research classic, foreign, and documentary films and read widely to make informed choices. We screen many films first before deciding they're worthy for the site. Once we like a film, our kids have to give it a high Popcorn Rating. If we can't match a film we love with a good adventure, we include it in our Film Festival listings. We're always looking for our next great idea, so please share your family's favorite films with us.

How do you select your adventures?

Inspiration strikes at the strangest times - reading the morning paper or chatting with kids during carpool. We act as your family's cultural filter. We're more than an online calendar because we road test the adventures with our kids, choosing ones we think are worth your family's time. Think of us as a trusted girlfriend who gave you a great idea over a cup of coffee.

If I have a great idea for an Adventure, or a Film who do I contact?

Fill out the forms on the Contact page. We love to hear from readers, and look for inspiration everywhere.

Will Kids Off the Couch be coming to my city?

Both our New York and U.S.A. editions will be launched by Summer, 2006. The U.S.A. edition is designed for anyone, anywhere, who wants to get creative about adapting a Popcorn Adventure for their town. We hope to expand to other major metropolitan areas in the future.

Is Kids Off the Couch hiring?

We're always looking for a few good Moms. So, if you're interested in writing about your town, say so in a letter to Contact.